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We always hope things last forever, but this is just not the case. As they say, as well oil machine will work for years - don't they!?


Session Installations can offer:


System & Venue Lighting Health Checks:


Our team of specialists can come and survey existing systems that maybe haven't quite been working right, do you suddenly have interference when using venue audio? do one of your speakers not at its best?




We always want our venues to get the best out of their lighting, visual and audio installs. To do this we recommend at least a quarterly Health Check where one of our experienced engineers will come onsite and give the complete system installed by us a once over!



From stunning effects to subtle mood lighting, creating the right atmosphere and ambiance can enhance your customer’s enjoyment and push your venue to the forefront of the industry or make your property standout.

We can help.


PA systems, mixers, CD Players, Hard Drive music/music video/karaoke systems and Plasma screens, projectors, video walls to external portable sound systems

Whether you require a small yet effective sound system for your bar or restaurant, or you need a large sound system for your new super club or integrated sound for your home.


Events grow, sports days need an extra boost sometimes.

Take to us about your next corporate event, village fete, sports event or music festival.

We can help with external and interior events small or large and sometimes last minute.

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