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An impressive lighting system is essential in today’s competitive market. From stunning effects to subtle mood lighting, creating the right atmosphere and ambience can enhance your customer’s enjoyment and push your venue to the forefront of the industry. Whether you require a club rig comprising of moving heads, scans, strobes and intelligent effects, or a simple colour changing the backdrop to a restaurant area we are able to design a specific system tailored to your needs. Every system can be as simple or as complex, as you require, utilising anything from advanced computer-based control options to stand alone automated units.


Creating Impact

Lighting shouldn't stop at the nearest club or bar, we work very closely with property management companies, private clients, spas & gyms, hotels and even a hospitality Route Master party bus to create anything from a party room to a sensory suite for children, to enhancing the planting in a private or commercial garden or creating impact around a swimming pool or decking.



Our highly skilled technicians will work with you to create you the ultimate impact for your room, spa, fitness studio or exterior buildings. Each project is different and has its quirks, we pride ourselves in problem-solving and working with owners and contractors for a successful outcome.



From party rooms to bars, outdoor decking to exterior controllable lighting there isn't much we can't transform. Ask us about our popular LED (IP rated) effects that can transform your home today.




No more ugly exterior Christmas lights or complicated lighting fixtures. Our LED technology can be controlled from your Apple device allows you to change colour, programme or effect.

Sensory Rooms.jpg

From sensory rooms to sensory effects for professionals and home use.

Our solutions can be used in kid's venues, by kids entertainers, trampoline parks, soft plays, schools, purpose-built venues or homes.

Ask us for more info.


LED Lighting effects are the most simple way to add impact to a venue or home.


Whether it is controlled panels or discreet lighting that can transform a home or venue, ask us about recent projects.

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